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Pregnant Teen

laTeena preggo

12/21/05 05:08 pm - KAREN GETS DOWN BIG TIME

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12/21/05 04:58 pm - get down girl go head get down

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9/29/05 11:24 pm - HELLO I AM ON THE PHONE

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6/22/05 01:14 am - endangered feces

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6/5/05 10:44 pm - churro churro churro


When a man and women are sexually interacting on the sand, the male removes his tallywhacker and sticks it deep into the sand, and then resumes insertion with the woman.

ex: Bryan Sanchez busts churros with all the ladies, especially Brandi G.

5/25/05 08:08 pm

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5/23/05 06:29 pm - Waxahachie Yearbook

A North Texas school district has apologized to a student who was listed as "Black Girl" in a high school yearbook photograph of the school's National Honor Society members.
All white students are identified by name in the photograph in the Waxahachie High School yearbook, which was distributed Friday. The teenager identified as Black Girl is the only black student in the photo.

5/6/05 06:27 pm - THE CHEROHONKEE

In Brief: White Baby Boomers who are obsessed with Native American culture
Gender: Male or Female
Population Size: Moderately rare
Habitat: West Coast, Southwest, Maine, Vermont

5/6/05 05:57 pm - Idiosyncrology:

The study and classification of individuals and groups of individuals based on their distinguishing behaviors and idiosyncrasies.

Key Idio Types (as defined by Robert Lanham):
• Stretchibitionists - Women who stretch suggestively in highly visible areas of the gym.
• The Napoledrone - A boss with a privileged background who has never had to work in a role of subordination.
• The Soccer Lily - A soccer mom with a lesbian haircut.
• The Ru-publican - Republicans who like to mix their family values with a little sex and ass-kicking (named for Fox media mogul Rupert Murdoch).
• The Flexisexual - Straight people who flirt with homosexuals.
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